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{November 14, 2012}   Lately

Time is precious. At this time in my life, my two-year-old Max is playing with cars on the floor. How long will I get to enjoy having him little and playing with cars? When that time passes, I will feel that it was not long enough.

Soon, life with change again. Our newest little one is due in spring. I am so excited to snuggle another baby! I fondly remember Max’s time as an infant and it only makes me want to sit and just be for a while. Kids grow too fast not to just be with them.

Moving into a new house has been wonderful and a lot of work!

Christmas has come early in my heart, as we’ve already decorated too! So much fun!

I am looking forward to wonderful memories of our kids growing up here with us, but am enjoying the now that is already here.


{November 5, 2012}  

We will be married 9 years this December.  I often wonder at God’s grace and patience for two teens who knew no truth, carried on as they saw fit, and embraced the world.  I remember the kind of people we were in our early twenties and how we treated each other, the fears we each had, and the confusion that was life although we thought we had all the right answers.
Then the Light of World became the Light of our lives and since then I am amazed how God has poured His love on us and how He renewed us through Jesus Christ.

Now, almost 5 years later I sit in our new country home watching my husband give our 2 year old son a ride on the tractor in the field.  Our newest little one kicks and somersaults inside me and my heart overflows with thankfulness to Jesus.  I deserve none of this, none of His sacrifice.  And yet, He pours His grace, His love, His mercy.
He amazes me.

{October 31, 2012}   To Max

My Precious One, how I love you.  Surely, God delighted in creating you and made you my perfect match to teach me so much.  Thanks to you and your loving daddy, I am growing in ways much needed and I am so happy for that.


My sweet 2-year-old, time is passing by too fast!  I’ve done all I know and can think of to be sure I do not miss out on you or get too caught up with other responsibilities, or to let you fall down my priorities list.  I can say with confidence that you have always been a top priority and that I am giving all i can to being your mother.  Yet, it has not slowed time any.  I had hoped it might.  I love these little days home with you.  Sometimes, ha, many times they feel chaotic, but they are such good days.


God is so good to give gifts as wonderful as children.


And I am so thankful for your daddy too.  He loves you so much and I can honestly say there could be no better daddy for you.  I am excited for your relationship with him to grow.


A short time ago you were my squish-able little baby.  I used to nurse you in the wee hours of the morning, watching snow fall on our street below.  We watched as you discovered your feet, your hands,and as you learned to walk.  Now, you’re our energetic, talkative toddler who loves puzzles, reading books in our laps, throwing Frisbees (and every other toy you have).  I am looking forward to your next stages of life, but I do not urge their coming.  I am loving every minute of you.



{October 12, 2012}   Moving Time…Again

Lots going on around here since my last post, which is perfect timing since I said I was going to be better at posting somewhat regularly.  We’ve moved!  And, Lord willing, for the last time!  That’s right, we are in a house and we are NOT renting anymore! yay! Now we just have a mortgage over our heads…yay…

We have moved 5 TIMES in the last 3 years, so you’d think we have it down pat.  Not the case.  This was the hardest, messiest, most disorganized and tiring move of them all.  But, it’s thanks to something preciously cute, so it’s a good trade off.


THIS cutie pie is the reason I was not nearly as on it and I usually am when it comes to packing.  I tried to do most of it while he was asleep so that he’d still get plenty of time with me when he was awake.  This would typically still work out well if i wasn’t 5 months pregnant and falling asleep nearly every time I put him down for a nap or bedtime!  I just couldn’t help it!


Here’s Max chillin on top of some boxes i managed to pack.  He also enjoyed jumping off of them…

Hiding in them…


and fitting himself into the smallest boxes he could find.

In the middle of it all we took our first trip to Pigeon Roost!  It was too bad Daddy couldn’t come this time, but we loved it so much we will be back for more!  We spent 3 hours here and STILL did not do everything there.


I LOVE the colorful variety of pumpkins, squash, and gourds they had.  Some I’ve never seen before.

Max had a great time running through the hundreds of pumpkins.  Can you see him?

Then he ended up picking the littlest of them all.

Pigeon Roost also has some free range critters running around, which was perfect since we just learned about God making animals on day 6.  He tried in vain to pet this little bunny before it eventually escaped under a shed.  Fun for me to watch though!  ^_^

A handful of very friendly goats greeted us at the entrance.  This one soon had his whole head and two front legs through the fence trying to reach Max, but I missed that picture.



*shudder* Does anyone remember THESE geese at the local duck feeding pond?  I remember these coming almost chest high and biting at me if I didn’t give them food fast enough.  I often took refuge in the back of the pickup if it was close enough.  I’m bigger now though.  Now i can kick them ^_^  (this one was much better behaved, however)

Here’s Max again, chasing a chicken this time.  He also followed some turkeys (a little big and scary for him to chase) and a small flock of white ducks.  I would have gotten some pictures of the alpacas, but they had their rears toward us.

There was SO much to do at Pigeon Roost.  Huge tunnel slide, corn boxes (vs sandboxes), a gigantic fort, human-sized hamster wheels to roll around, and just too much to mention.  Like I said, 3 hours was not enough to do everything.

And after all this fun, the packing commenced again.  We are moved in now and hopefully will post more pics soon!

{September 20, 2012}   Beloved Two Years

I am not good at this whole blogging thing, but I have decided to get started early on some goals for the next year, one of which being holding memories of my family safe on this blog. There are just too many sweet pictures and precious moments that I do not want to forget. My baby is two years old now and another is on the way.

My little Max. You are over two now, and all I know is that I wish I could hold a perfect recollection of every moment with you. You will be grown up too soon, I know. You are precious to me Little One and so much fun for your Daddy and I. I have never been so exhausted at the end of each day, but it is so good.

In 8 months you will be an older brother, and that fact has caused me to be still often lately and just remember our last 2 years together, just the 3 of us. How I love God for the gift He’s given us in you. It always makes me remember how completely He changed our lives before He gave us you. He is so good, and so very trustworthy.

I know you will be a loving and attentive older brother. You love to play with, touch, and talk to every baby you see and you get the sweetest, almost embarrassed smile on your face when you meet one.

Our family is growing and so are you! Oh, how I don’t want to miss a minute or forget any wonderful moment! It makes me sad that our memories grow dim. But, thank goodness for photography!

Happy two years Little Max!

{June 19, 2011}   Progress!

You know that sweater I’ve been working on since…oh…marchish?  I FINALLY finished the back panel!  I have recently been finding time and I knit that up fairly quick and it’s looking pretty good for a first timer.  I placed it on Tony to check the fit and the arm holes and everything are PERFECT! WOOHOO!  I may have to adjust the length later as it’s very long on him but I am soooooo happy that this sweater seems to be turning out.

check it son!

{June 8, 2011}   My First Sweater

Ya’ll probably thought I stopped knitting by now…

nope…it’s just taking a REALLY long time.

I am making my first sweater.  There have been a lot of set backs, most of which is just finding time, but I’m still working at it.  So far I have both the front and back panels half done and a sleeve that turned out WAY too long….I still need to figure out exactly what I screwed up there.

Hehe, the photo below looks like a skirt.  Hmmm….

This is the currently the front panel.  I still need to finish the striping and neck line.  So far so good!

{June 8, 2011}   Warrior Dash

3 Miles of Mud.


climbing walls.

More mud.

barbed wire.

Neck high mud water.


Junk yard.

And mud.

Most of which was uphill.



We did pretty dang good too.  After falls in the mud and waiting for each other on certain obstacles we actually crossed the finish line at 34 minutes.  That’s just about normal for a casual road 5k for me, averaging about a 10 minute mile. We will definitely do it again hardcore and see how good we do!

We learned three things:

1. Wear shoes with LOTS of traction

2. Wear knee pads! (It’s probably more ascetically awesome to disguise these as part of a uber cool warrior costume)

3. Sign up early and run the first wave on the first day.  We ran the last wave on the last day and that mud and mud water was stanky-fresh!  And by fresh, I mean stanky…seriously…like poo.

I am now on the road to train for my first half-marathon coming up in October.  By next year, I should be ready to tackle the Tough Mudder, which is like the Warrior Dash with a death wish.  I bet Tony will do it too.  Muahahaha!

I drove through driving rains for sustenance.  I wanted something delicious but healthful, an atmosphere of calm and cool, and to peruse some of my favorite things, not to mention the best coffee in the world.  I arrived safely, but without my wallet.  I drove back home through driving rains for the means to sustenance and returned.  It was worth it.

I give you Harvest Moon Coffee House.

This place is like a second home for a health conscious coffee-loving bistro bum like myself and for 3 good reasons:

1. The Cafe

The food is fantastic, original, and unlike anything you’ll get anywhere else.  For example, the brunch menu features pancakes with lavender-infused maple syrup and a side of sage turkey sausage.  Maybe not a healthy choice on my part that day, but absolutely delicious.  Their sandwiches are great too.  The turkey tango with their bagel chips and hummus is fab and recently I tried their veggie wrap with hummus.  Sounds weird, right?  Sure does, but it nearly makes eating vegetarian attractive.

Something you don’t see everyday is their menu of fresh veggie juices, juiced to order!  Really, they make fruit juices and smoothies too, but the veggie juice was especially exciting to me because my own juicer is broken and pure veggie juice does not exist in stores.

Lastly, but my favorite, is their coffee.  Now, I am a Starbucks fan.  Lots of good memories at Starbucks, too, but Harvest Moon has that chain beat by a long shot.  Coffee does something for me.  It brings me home. It’s the first must have and must do on a rainy day.  I love making my own cappuccinos for friends.  Harvest Moon is a place where I can enjoy some of the best there is, and they have a long list of choices which are unique, flavorful, and unlike what you get at the mainstream joints.

2. The Herb and Garden Shop

Since all their food is made fresh, it can take a minute, which is just fine for me.  They have a very pleasing array of unconventional health foods, loose-leaf herbal teas, supplements, and organic products.  The staff there is very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.  When I had gone in with a long list, the tall guy on staff (who am I kidding, they are all tall!) patiently helped me locate everything I was looking for and even gave me a quick lesson on sprouting beans!  One of my favorite things on the planet that I haven’t had since working on an organic farm in Texas is pure, raw honey comb.  I recently discovered they have it and I am SO getting that stuff my next visit.

3. Mom and Pop

This is a single, locally-owned business which makes me even happier to support it with my monies!  The art work you find displayed along the brick wall is even done, I’m told, by one of the owners sons.

I dig this place, ya’ll.  I dig it.

{April 7, 2011}   Changing Me

Life is beautiful in its changes.  That’s what makes it exciting I guess.  Dynamic.  Some changes are hard, some we can’t wait for, some bring unexpected challenges, and all add their share of photographs to our memory.

This Starbucks isn’t the same.  It’s not where my best friends gather.  It’s not the one where I spoke with homeless Dave.  This place is not where most of my life was spent studying, building my most meaningful friendships, or discussing God with those who asked what I was reading.  It’s not the starbucks that gave me a place to feel like I existed  when I felt so lonely waiting for Tony to come home from yet another deployment.

But every one I enter makes me smile.  This one is not The One, but it smells the same, sounds the same, and feels the same.  The setting sun looks the same filtering through the windows and, as always, there’s the wonderful view of everyday traffic.  Any minute, one of the girls will show up for coffee.

Change.  It’s a wonderful thing, but a bittersweet thing.  Those days were much easier, much simpler, and I only had to worry about me.  When I wanted to go, I went.  When I wanted to stay up late, I did.  When I wanted to do anything that I wanted, I just did it.  Hanging out with friends was a near daily occurrence.

Today, my life hardly resembles that anymore.  I am at a starbucks for the first time on my own to do what I want  since having my son 11 months ago.  I thank my husband for that.

These days, I’m tired physically and mentally, constantly working at home caring for Max, breaks are short and few, my friends are all far away, and I am way to easily irritated at the end of the day.

But, God is teaching this girl.  I am learning so much about my character, its flaws, its weaknesses.  So is my husband, haha.  I am so lucky to have him.  He is my rock and stability when it all overwhelms me.  I  need him so much more than he knows and he means so much more to me than I take the time to verbalise.  I should work on that.

My son is my sweet, innocent blessing.  Patience?  Ah, am I getting a crash course!  But, thank you Lord, there is so much sweetness attached to that little baby boy!

You know, somewhere the bible says that God never leaves us, that “…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (der, I have internet to look up bible verses!  This is Philipians 1:6).  The day I finally got it, got Jesus, my life changed rapidly.  He rescued me from the place I was in my heart, in my life, and in my marriage.  He tranformed my heart and made me new.  He pulled me through rough heartaches that, had they occured before I had Him, would have left me drowning.

Even so, I’m not done.  He’s not done.  I still have growing to do.  The entrance of my son into the world has given my life a new capacity of love and joy.  It has made me view my husband in an even greater light of admiration, dependence, and gratitude (although I spend too much time pondering these in my heart rather than expressing them) But, I am still flawed.  God has called my attention on my ease to anger, that short-fused irritibility I have by the end of the day…everyday I hate to admit.  Currently, He’s working on that.

I just love that He loves me enough not to leave me as I am!

Change is a beautiful thing.  Got found me, taught me, and grew me in Texas but has now sent me out away from my beloved fellowship to grow here in ways that matter today and to do the good He’s appointed me to do.  Ugh, I feel like a hypocrite writing those words because who am I that He would do that?  I screw up every day, much to my chagrin.

How amazing.  The God who created all things, the God of nations, of the world, is concerned with the things of me and my little family.

Thank you, Lord, for change and the memories they leave behind.  I know these days with my husband as my young husband and my son and my sweet boy at home with us is short and that these too will soon be just photographs in my memory.

et cetera