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{November 16, 2012}   “Weird Stuff”

Weird Stuff is our name for an even mixture of cornstarch and water.  When you play with it, it is almost solid.  But, stop manipulating it and it melts through your fingers like wax.  Super fun for kids!  We added a little food coloring too.

We haven’t done this since Max was a baby!  The great thing is that although messy play, this stuff dries up quick and is easily swept away.  Messy play that is secretly not that messy?  bonus!


{June 19, 2011}   Progress!

You know that sweater I’ve been working on since…oh…marchish?  I FINALLY finished the back panel!  I have recently been finding time and I knit that up fairly quick and it’s looking pretty good for a first timer.  I placed it on Tony to check the fit and the arm holes and everything are PERFECT! WOOHOO!  I may have to adjust the length later as it’s very long on him but I am soooooo happy that this sweater seems to be turning out.

check it son!

{June 8, 2011}   My First Sweater

Ya’ll probably thought I stopped knitting by now…

nope…it’s just taking a REALLY long time.

I am making my first sweater.  There have been a lot of set backs, most of which is just finding time, but I’m still working at it.  So far I have both the front and back panels half done and a sleeve that turned out WAY too long….I still need to figure out exactly what I screwed up there.

Hehe, the photo below looks like a skirt.  Hmmm….

This is the currently the front panel.  I still need to finish the striping and neck line.  So far so good!

{April 4, 2011}   Knit Fast, Die Warm

So, it has been a long while since my last knitsplosion post, but I assure you, I have been very, very busy.

Back in June my sister challenged both my mother and I to make all of our gifts this year.  Thank goodness she got the idea back in June because I didn’t finish everything until exactly 1 week before we flew to Idaho for Christmas.

I had a blast doing this and I think I’ll do it next year too, although probably not for every single person on my list.  Obviously, I knit a lot of stuff, but I ventured out into a new realm also.  A.K.A decoupage.

I am a beginner in all of this, but I am pleased with all of them…well, pleased until I pondered actually giving these gifts to the recipients and then I freak out on the inside a little.  What if they too beginnery looking?

le sigh…

One great thing about this challenge, besides learning new things and improving my beastly knitting skillz is this:  It is so much more thoughtful and special!  Well, to me anyway, and probably to those recieving a homemade gift.  With everything I made THAT person was in my thoughts the whole time, which also led to much prayer for each person.  I love this because so often I feel I have to go out and find something, anything for people.  Rarely has there been a time where I think of or find something to buy someone that I just KNOW they’ll love.  Unless that happens, I feel fairly thoughtless in my gift giving because often times I just have no clue what I’m doing.

So, in conclusion, great idea Sis!  And enjoy my Christmas Creation Extravaganza below!

This is a loopy cowl…or neck warmer…or circular scarf-thingy.  You can wear a myriad of different little ways, but I don’t think it is for a faint of heart.  It takes someone who is comfortable outside the box, and I could think of one person that would fit the bill!  My trendy lil sis-in-law.

This is not my sis-in-law, this is me…


Next are a pair of man socks.  Knit with bulky yarn, they are a bit out of the ordinary but I love the color and it’s a very warm yarn.  If knit up stockinette stitch all the way around they look rather nice too, but I chose a rib pattern.  The rib makes the feet appear larger and so reminds me of these monster feet slippers my grandfather use to have, and since these are intended for cozy warmness around the house, I figured it fit.

This next little pair of socks is quite the opposite.  They’re little!  Well, size 7ish, but they sure look small.  These are knit with a self-striping yarn in stockinette stitch all the way around.  I love self-striping yarn because you don’t really know what you’ll get until it’s done.  And socks are tons of fun because the scenery changes a lot.

Sadly, I don’t have pics of everything else I made for my family.  I thought I’d wait until I saw them for Christmas to take pictures, but then I forgot.  But they just got better and better.  I made a couple different but super cute purses, a winter hat with fair isle skulls all around, and that decoupage sketch book for my artistic baby sis didn’t turn out too bad either.  I am uber sad that I have no evidence as to the awesomeness of any of these things.  Oh well.

But now, after a break, I am on to my biggest challenge yet.  It is what people stereotypically think of when they imagine anyone knitting.  It generally takes months and getting your gauge right has heavy implications here.  I am finally tacking my first sweater.  Pictures and details to come.

{February 16, 2011}   In The Works

I am taking a knitting break and moving into the realm of interior decorating.  All you who know me know how bare and purely functional my home is.  Six years of moving with the military caused me to develop an attitude toward home decorating of “Why bother? We’re just going to move anyway!”.  So now, after 7 years of marriage and no longer tied to the military, our house is still just a house, a temporary living space.  Not the most homey or welcoming place as far as aesthetics.

I am excited to announce that I am finally going to do something real about that.  I’ve saved up a decent amount of cash and I’ve spent the last couple months tearing out pages of home mags of ideas, rooms, and color schemes I really like.  Now, I am NOT talented in the area of home decorating AT ALL. But, flipping and collecting magazine pages has helped me immeasurably.

What I’m really looking forward to is not just going out and buying the necessities, but also making or recreating most of this stuff.  I’m excited to see if I have any hidden re-purposing skills or thrifty talent.

I’ve changed paint color ideas, I’ve bought two rugs and taken them both back, and I’m still on the search for the perfect curtain fabric.  I have an antique hope chest I’m going to refinish for a coffee table and I’m looking forward to scoring some awesomeness at garage sales and flea markets this summer…if I can hold out that long.

This is all for the living room, plus, I’m also gearing up to plant a beautiful veggie garden on the patio.  Again, I’m going to be taking what I have and fixing it up.  I have some cute little patio furniture that needs some TLC and color, Tony is going to build some garden boxes for me, and I have a half-barrel I got on sale last fall.  Happily, I know a woman at church whose husband owns the states (perhaps America’s?) oldest seed company.  It’s been in business since 1825 I believe she said.  She’s going to help me out with when and what to plant, soil stuff, and all that jazz.

So, I am uber excited about all that.  Plans for both the living room and patio garden are running through my head, some schematics are even drawn, and several lists are made.  I did mention in another blog that I’m a planner, didn’t I?

Not only is this tons of fun for me, but it’s also part of this whole living-on-purpose thing.  This “home-ifying” will bless my family by creating a happy and relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant place to just be.  I hope to use it to bless friends, family and strangers too.  A garden will also provide tons of opportunities for my son to grow and learn about not just planting and caring for plants, but about God and the world.  Good stuff, ya’ll, good stuff.

So, lots of fun coming soon!  I will be posting before and after pics

{October 13, 2010}   Spontaneity is a LOT of work…

But, it was still worth it!

MONTHS ago I came up with the bright idea of painting my tiny kitchen.  I also had the bright idea to do it all in ONE day and painting it all RED.

This turned out to be EXTREMELY unrealistic for several reasons:

1.  Those of you who have ever painted a wall red surely know, as I do now, that you MUST use a blue-tinted primer first otherwise you will paint that same wall AT LEAST 5 times before it will actually be red rather than pink.  Ugh.

2. I had bad tools.  The rollers were fine, but my tape kept stripping paint off which meant A LOT of annoying touch ups.  I also did not have proper brushes for painting edges.  I had tiny artists brushes instead, so that took a lot of time.  However, I did manage to do it all without spending a penny by using only what I already had, including paint.

3. DUH!  I have a brand new baby boy!

4. Measuring the checkerboard took longer than expected, plus I screwed it up at first.

So, instead of coming home to a surprise painted kitchen masterpiece, Tony came home to a mess and a badly checkered wall.

However, after weeks of hand-painting checkerboard (cuz I was too stupid to paint the whole wall red first and THEN putting the brown squares on top…I could kick myself), climbing up and down counters and refridgerators, and fighting the desire to just pretend I hadn’t begun painting in the first place and leave it undone, it is finally finished!

You have no idea how glad I am about this.  The good thing is I learned a lot and I’m really glad I learned so much on a SMALL kitchen!  But, as far as mistakes go, the icing on the cake is this.  For the fist time ever I remembered to take before pictures…but then I did something funky to my SD card and lost them all.  Isn’t that wonderful?  So, when you check out the pics, just imagine how before all walls were white with nothing hanging on them, ok?  And then oooh and ahhh out loud in real life.  Thanks! lol



{September 15, 2010}   Too Cute!

Max loves how his daddy plays!

And, for the first time, it was cool enough to go walking with our Moby carrier the other day.  Fall is coming!!!  And, also for the first time, Max got to see what was ahead of us instead of behind us.  I think he enjoyed his chill sitting position!

AND and I finished my first pair of socks for hims little feets!  All his socks are too small so I made some myself!  Quick, and not too shabby!

{August 18, 2010}   Getting Knitty with It!

Ok, so since my insane late night of crafty ingeniousness I have been a busy busy girl.  Hobby-wise, knitting is my new love.

My mom taught me a couple years ago, but in the busyness of school and such I made 2 scarves and half a sock in as many years.  A couple months ago, I saw some finished knitting projects of my mom’s and a friend’s and decided to give it another real try…besides, developing a “known” skill is on my goal list this year.  So, I tackled and conquered an old, old project, bought a new knitting book, and went to town.  I am hooked and there is no stopping me!

From July until last night I have completed the following:

1. My first hat: A Kitty Kat Hat  *mew!

2. Kerchief (or as I like to call it, Tony’s Loin Cloth!  NOTE: It was untested for this photo!)

3 and 4.  A garter stitch hat/scarf and a Dino hat for my sweet little Max ^_^

5. An accidently-too-fat rib stitch scarf

6. A snowboard hat for my dear honeyface that I am going add dreadlocks to

7. A “Geeky” wrist band just for pattern practice

and my latest and greatest

8. A sparkly pointed-top hat

I’m getting better as I go and soonish I’ll be tackling my first sweater!  And just so all of you know, every single one of these projects was easy and never before attempted by me!  So, that’s proof that you can do it too!

{July 1, 2010}   KNIT NINJA!!

Ok, so staying up until 4 a.m. with my creative juices flowing paid off!  I have two nice bags to show for it.  This one was my original plan for my knitting bag…

…However, after making my Frankenstein bag, I decided I really liked the pattern from that old skirt and I loved how it looked with my ninja patch I made.  Behold!  My knitting bag of DOOM!!

Love the ninja!

I had taken the Frankenstein bag apart and re-sewed it.  It’s much better, but not perfect.

And as for the other bag, it is perfect for the farmer’s markets just starting up!

Now, onto adventures in knitting!

{June 28, 2010}   Feelin’ Crafty!

It is 3 am and I can’t stop thinking about yarn and thread!

Two of my goals this year are:
1. Improve a skill
2. Learn a new skill

So, I am improving my mad knitting skillz and learning to sew. Why these two? Well, my mom taught me the first one and I’m jealous of how amazing her projects are becoming and as for sewing, there’s just too many things I’d like to make custom for my home and wardrobe. Besides, everyone should at least be able to hem up clothing.

Today is my beginning. I’ve been wanting to get the book Stitch ‘n’ Bitch for a long time and I got a bur in my butt and got it today. It is WONDERFUL!

Late this night to early morning I was teaching myself how to use my sewing machine I got over a year ago with the intention of taking lessons. This machine wasn’t like some piece of exercise equipment that was purchased with the best intentions only to become a coat rack. I really tried to get those classes! But, when I was signed up and ready to go we quite suddenly moved because Tony got a new job. Now…I know that doesn’t excuse the fact that I had that sewing machine for a year, but hey, life is hectic, no?

But tonight I learninated and created a knitting tote just for practice at threading the machine and such. I tore up an old skirt, found some ribbon, and walla! A very very sloppy tote bag for all my knitting stuff.

Like I said, this was just for practice with my machine. I am on mission tomorrow to find some cute fabric and make a real tote bag. But, just for giggles, I’ll let you see my frankenstein tote!

Now, I know some about sewing, such as measuring, pinning, cutting straight lines, etc. I ignored that on this barely functional tote because…well, it’s 3 am!

But rest assured! This is all the beginning of some very crafty handiwork!

et cetera