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{January 12, 2013}   This Moment

A new Friday ritual.  No words, just pictures to remember sweet moments in precious short days.

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{November 14, 2012}   Lately

Time is precious. At this time in my life, my two-year-old Max is playing with cars on the floor. How long will I get to enjoy having him little and playing with cars? When that time passes, I will feel that it was not long enough.

Soon, life with change again. Our newest little one is due in spring. I am so excited to snuggle another baby! I fondly remember Max’s time as an infant and it only makes me want to sit and just be for a while. Kids grow too fast not to just be with them.

Moving into a new house has been wonderful and a lot of work!

Christmas has come early in my heart, as we’ve already decorated too! So much fun!

I am looking forward to wonderful memories of our kids growing up here with us, but am enjoying the now that is already here.

{November 5, 2012}  

We will be married 9 years this December.  I often wonder at God’s grace and patience for two teens who knew no truth, carried on as they saw fit, and embraced the world.  I remember the kind of people we were in our early twenties and how we treated each other, the fears we each had, and the confusion that was life although we thought we had all the right answers.
Then the Light of World became the Light of our lives and since then I am amazed how God has poured His love on us and how He renewed us through Jesus Christ.

Now, almost 5 years later I sit in our new country home watching my husband give our 2 year old son a ride on the tractor in the field.  Our newest little one kicks and somersaults inside me and my heart overflows with thankfulness to Jesus.  I deserve none of this, none of His sacrifice.  And yet, He pours His grace, His love, His mercy.
He amazes me.

{September 20, 2012}   Beloved Two Years

I am not good at this whole blogging thing, but I have decided to get started early on some goals for the next year, one of which being holding memories of my family safe on this blog. There are just too many sweet pictures and precious moments that I do not want to forget. My baby is two years old now and another is on the way.

My little Max. You are over two now, and all I know is that I wish I could hold a perfect recollection of every moment with you. You will be grown up too soon, I know. You are precious to me Little One and so much fun for your Daddy and I. I have never been so exhausted at the end of each day, but it is so good.

In 8 months you will be an older brother, and that fact has caused me to be still often lately and just remember our last 2 years together, just the 3 of us. How I love God for the gift He’s given us in you. It always makes me remember how completely He changed our lives before He gave us you. He is so good, and so very trustworthy.

I know you will be a loving and attentive older brother. You love to play with, touch, and talk to every baby you see and you get the sweetest, almost embarrassed smile on your face when you meet one.

Our family is growing and so are you! Oh, how I don’t want to miss a minute or forget any wonderful moment! It makes me sad that our memories grow dim. But, thank goodness for photography!

Happy two years Little Max!

{March 29, 2011}   Bit of a mushy post

I am a lucky girl.  For many reasons this is true, but the reason I’m thinking this today is because I have some very special friends who would actually take the time the money to travel just to see me.

Roxanne drove from Champagne Illinois

Lennice came from Chicago area and traveled with Roxanne

Felicia flew from Texas, even though she does. not. like. flying.

Salome was there in spirit, but I know she would have driven the 8 hours from VA if getting off work were feasible after already being gone for a month 😛

The rest of you we missed muchly, but you know I’ve still got 2012 on the brain!

I met all these amazing girls in Texas.  Why do I love them so?  Because, they showed me Christ.  They are the real, the raw Christians whose hearts are truly turned towards God.  When I met them all, I was amazed and how they and the guys in the group truly loved and cared about each other, which is why I hung around to begin with.  It was because of their listening ears and honest speech that I came to not just know about Jesus, but to meet Him myself.

He is our center.  When we did anything together (and I”m talking about all of you here) Christ was always in the midst, even in something as “unspiritual” as shopping.  Texas holds some of my greatest memories.

When Roxanne and Lennice left, and I dropped Felicia at the airport it seemed normal that I should be sad, and in part I was.  It was good to be together again.  But, what reason do I have to be sad?  NONE! These precious girls are still a part of my life although life has moved on for each of us.  In the last year, so many of us have married, graduated, moved, had babies, had hard times, or a combination of these.  Yet, we are still “together”.  We are not “facebook friends”.  None of them are “that girl I used to know”.

MILLIONS of pictures were taken, and if you know me and care, you can just check out my tagged photos on my FB.  But, I will throw down one picture and steal the caption that Roxanne gave it, for it is so fitting.

I’m blessed to have you girls.  I’m so glad we were able to get together and I feel very squishy  that you’d all go through the trouble.  I did not know that I would have friends like that.  🙂

Brio's Italian Restaurant - A toast to friendships that pick up right where they left off, no matter the distance or the time.

{February 16, 2011}   Blessed Morning

I made a pot of coffee this morning after Tony left for work at 630.  He’s amazing.  Most hard working man I know.  Normally, Max has already been up for an hour, but he was still sleeping at this time.  So, in hopes that I might get some early time with the Lord in peace, I made a pot.

Just as I shut the lid I heard the sweet morning babbles of my baby son.  I’ll have to wait for his morning nap.

I was blessed in several ways this morning as I went upstairs and snuggled back in bed with Max.  The soft blue light of the early morning was only just beginning to spread across the room and I could just make out the sweet blink of Max’s big eyes and the movement of his mouth as he babbled on and on in his cute little voice.  He’s crawling now and exploring the bed, especially the headboard, is a new adventure.  Pantless and diaper clad, my boy wriggled his way to the head board, pushed himself back on his bum to sit, then flopped himself across me, talking all the while all about “da da” and making a myriad of other sounds he knows.  My two favorites are “goggle goggle goggle” and “Phss! Phss!”.

As if this wasn’t already a memorable moment in the making, the aroma of fresh coffee crept into our bedroom.  I NEVER make coffee in the morning.  I much prefer it in the evening, so I haven’t smelled coffee in the morning since I lived at home.  A rush of happy memories flooded back to me, all with the same beginning.  Nothing was more exciting to me as a kid than to wake up smelling coffee and hearing adult conversation in the dining room, especially if the voices included that of my grandparents.  I love the sound of a full and happy home, lively with pleasant conversation of people I love and it was always so exciting when my grandparents were there by surprise.

The playfulness of my son in our cozy bed and these memories filled me with joyful peace that I truly want to create in my own home.  Great memories are so simple to create.  They don’t take much.  I hope to create good ones in my home my son and husband will remember and cherish.

I am so very blessed.

Last night I made what I believe to be the most delicious, succulent, mouth-watering meal in creation concerning beef.  I tested and tried this amazing beef tenderloin with roasted shallots.

Unfortunately for me, I do not own a roasting pan.  If I did, then my delicate flesh may have been spared.  Since I did not have said tool, I used a normal stove top pan and put it in the oven with the meat as if it were a roasting pan.  After sitting in a 375 degree oven for nearly half an hour, I returned it to the stove top for continued use as per the recipe.  Regretfully, it only took me the time of reaching for a single ingredient to forget that my pan’s handle was searing hot and I grabbed it full palm, immediately screaming and rushing to the sink for cold water.

I spent the rest of the night rotating refridgerated pop cans to keep my hand from feeling ablaze and sleeping with my bandaged hand clutching an icepack.

But, I’ll tell you one thing.  That tenderloin was so good that it was worth it!

{October 13, 2010}   Spontaneity is a LOT of work…

But, it was still worth it!

MONTHS ago I came up with the bright idea of painting my tiny kitchen.  I also had the bright idea to do it all in ONE day and painting it all RED.

This turned out to be EXTREMELY unrealistic for several reasons:

1.  Those of you who have ever painted a wall red surely know, as I do now, that you MUST use a blue-tinted primer first otherwise you will paint that same wall AT LEAST 5 times before it will actually be red rather than pink.  Ugh.

2. I had bad tools.  The rollers were fine, but my tape kept stripping paint off which meant A LOT of annoying touch ups.  I also did not have proper brushes for painting edges.  I had tiny artists brushes instead, so that took a lot of time.  However, I did manage to do it all without spending a penny by using only what I already had, including paint.

3. DUH!  I have a brand new baby boy!

4. Measuring the checkerboard took longer than expected, plus I screwed it up at first.

So, instead of coming home to a surprise painted kitchen masterpiece, Tony came home to a mess and a badly checkered wall.

However, after weeks of hand-painting checkerboard (cuz I was too stupid to paint the whole wall red first and THEN putting the brown squares on top…I could kick myself), climbing up and down counters and refridgerators, and fighting the desire to just pretend I hadn’t begun painting in the first place and leave it undone, it is finally finished!

You have no idea how glad I am about this.  The good thing is I learned a lot and I’m really glad I learned so much on a SMALL kitchen!  But, as far as mistakes go, the icing on the cake is this.  For the fist time ever I remembered to take before pictures…but then I did something funky to my SD card and lost them all.  Isn’t that wonderful?  So, when you check out the pics, just imagine how before all walls were white with nothing hanging on them, ok?  And then oooh and ahhh out loud in real life.  Thanks! lol



{September 29, 2010}   The Spirit of Fall has Come

I am sitting on a stool in my kitchen knitting socks, listening to old jazz classics from folks like Billy Holiday and Madeleine Peyroux, baking hot pazookies, loving the smell of a sleeping baby boy and feel just at ease and content.

Fall is here.

Those of us who live for fall know that chilly weather and warm homes is only nearly there.  It is FOOD that brings its spirit in to stay!

So, in an attempt to declare fall officially in Ohio I will share with you my rough menu for the coming week complete with links to these recipes because they are ALL fantastic!  I’ve tried most, and I’m sure those I have not will be great because the site I use the most has a GREAT track record with me ^_^

Mom’s corn chowder with French bread
chicken pot pie
turkey and Italian sausage stuffing and homemade applesauce
butternut squash soup with candied walnut salad and momma’s poppyseed rolls with honey-butter

pasta with pumpkin alfredo and new special green beans (do not be afraid, bacon is involved!)
sweet and savory flank steak and candied sweet potatoes (marshmallow free!  I hate ’em with marshmallows.  Plus this has a sugar and butter cut, so it is “better” for you too )
buttermilk pancakes
homemade cinnamon rolls
whole wheat sweet potato muffins (nothing but good-for-the-bod stuff and really delicious)
pumpkin crumble (prize for my honey ^_^ )
pumpkin spice latte

And if THAT is STILL not enough, here’s a picture to PROVE that summer has gone and it is time to get cozy!

{September 16, 2010}   Missing 22nd Signal and Germany

A friend’s husband just left for basic yesterday.  Their chances are good that they will be overseas first, perhaps Germany, and all her army questions really brought it all back for me.

This early morning after feeding my son instead of returning to sleep my thoughts went on and on about 22nd Signal brigade and our time in Germany.  Oftentimes, it’s the negative memories that can take president, but this morning I could remember only the good.  A flood of fondness.

I really miss those days a lot.  I loved the people in 22nd and experiencing Europe was wonderful.  Not to mention I was a newlywed! I wish I could go back as I am now, knowing what I know now.  I was so very shy then, and rather selfish really.  I can’t help thinking what an idiot I was sometimes, too.

If we went again, things would be so different.  A lot has changed since then and if I were to describe those changes in a word…God.  Christ.  If I could copy and transfer my life in Texas to Germany I could have made such a difference.  I would have loved more, been selfless more, and SMARTER.  Scripture says in Psalms and Proverbs that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  So true.  I wish I hadn’t been without God in Germany

…but that’s the way it goes isn’t it?  I think anyone who has a relationship with the Almighty wishes they knew Him all along.

For the first time since, I actually long for Germany.  I know what I could do now.  Love more, reach out more, and have even WAY MORE FUN on the economy than I did before.

I miss everyone in 22nd.  It was the BEST unit I experienced.  I miss all you 22nd people!  Roxanne and Gary, Eran and the kids, the Wings, Quenga, Alissa, just off the top of my head at 4-something a.m.  I also miss the free gym!  Ugh…having that was pretty nice.

However, I am where I am now.  This is where God has me, so I’ll just be shiny here ^_^

et cetera