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{June 26, 2013}   zzzzzzzz

Max fell asleep on the tractor with dad while mowing the lawn.  ❤




{June 25, 2013}  

So sweetly concentrated, mixing his colors.  I watch him, peering over my coffee.  That same “learning face” as we call it is deeply focused.  The sweet precision of 3-year-old hands pouring colored gelatin water from bowl to bowl is too cute.  So cute to me, and yet serious work to him.  He’s exploring, discovering.  When left to his own devices, what began as painting became so much more.  And so much more of a mess, but i love it.

He bounces on the chair as he asks me for more water to pour over his masterpiece…and all over my counter.

So. in. love.  So thankful to God for blessing me with this little one and this moment watching him, remembering him like a photograph.



DSC_0467 DSC_0472 DSC_0474

{November 16, 2012}   “Weird Stuff”

Weird Stuff is our name for an even mixture of cornstarch and water.  When you play with it, it is almost solid.  But, stop manipulating it and it melts through your fingers like wax.  Super fun for kids!  We added a little food coloring too.

We haven’t done this since Max was a baby!  The great thing is that although messy play, this stuff dries up quick and is easily swept away.  Messy play that is secretly not that messy?  bonus!

{September 20, 2012}   Beloved Two Years

I am not good at this whole blogging thing, but I have decided to get started early on some goals for the next year, one of which being holding memories of my family safe on this blog. There are just too many sweet pictures and precious moments that I do not want to forget. My baby is two years old now and another is on the way.

My little Max. You are over two now, and all I know is that I wish I could hold a perfect recollection of every moment with you. You will be grown up too soon, I know. You are precious to me Little One and so much fun for your Daddy and I. I have never been so exhausted at the end of each day, but it is so good.

In 8 months you will be an older brother, and that fact has caused me to be still often lately and just remember our last 2 years together, just the 3 of us. How I love God for the gift He’s given us in you. It always makes me remember how completely He changed our lives before He gave us you. He is so good, and so very trustworthy.

I know you will be a loving and attentive older brother. You love to play with, touch, and talk to every baby you see and you get the sweetest, almost embarrassed smile on your face when you meet one.

Our family is growing and so are you! Oh, how I don’t want to miss a minute or forget any wonderful moment! It makes me sad that our memories grow dim. But, thank goodness for photography!

Happy two years Little Max!

{March 7, 2011}   First day at the park!

The sun came out today, Max is no longer sick, and it wasn’t too super cold out!  So, you KNOW we had to get outside and enjoy it for at least a little bit!

We are lucky enough to live next to a nature trail, part of which leads to an open field and children’s park.  Max, Jessie, and I loaded up and walked the half-mile to the park in the gorgeous sunshine with all intentions of swinging!

Swings were always my favorite thing at the park AND they get to be the first thing Max experiences there.  He’s too young for any of the other stuff, since they require the ability to at least walk!

Can you tell he’s really enjoying himself? lol

Then, a little spin action…

So fun ^_^


We attempted the slide, but like I said, some things require a little more motor skills and balance.


Jessie was in charge of the stroller.  As you can see, she’s still in training, haha!


And finally, just us.  We missed daddy a whole lot.  But, soon the sun will be up longer, the days will be warmer, and we can have fun after work!

{February 16, 2011}   Blessed Morning

I made a pot of coffee this morning after Tony left for work at 630.  He’s amazing.  Most hard working man I know.  Normally, Max has already been up for an hour, but he was still sleeping at this time.  So, in hopes that I might get some early time with the Lord in peace, I made a pot.

Just as I shut the lid I heard the sweet morning babbles of my baby son.  I’ll have to wait for his morning nap.

I was blessed in several ways this morning as I went upstairs and snuggled back in bed with Max.  The soft blue light of the early morning was only just beginning to spread across the room and I could just make out the sweet blink of Max’s big eyes and the movement of his mouth as he babbled on and on in his cute little voice.  He’s crawling now and exploring the bed, especially the headboard, is a new adventure.  Pantless and diaper clad, my boy wriggled his way to the head board, pushed himself back on his bum to sit, then flopped himself across me, talking all the while all about “da da” and making a myriad of other sounds he knows.  My two favorites are “goggle goggle goggle” and “Phss! Phss!”.

As if this wasn’t already a memorable moment in the making, the aroma of fresh coffee crept into our bedroom.  I NEVER make coffee in the morning.  I much prefer it in the evening, so I haven’t smelled coffee in the morning since I lived at home.  A rush of happy memories flooded back to me, all with the same beginning.  Nothing was more exciting to me as a kid than to wake up smelling coffee and hearing adult conversation in the dining room, especially if the voices included that of my grandparents.  I love the sound of a full and happy home, lively with pleasant conversation of people I love and it was always so exciting when my grandparents were there by surprise.

The playfulness of my son in our cozy bed and these memories filled me with joyful peace that I truly want to create in my own home.  Great memories are so simple to create.  They don’t take much.  I hope to create good ones in my home my son and husband will remember and cherish.

I am so very blessed.

{November 13, 2010}   We’ve Graduated!

Max has outgrown baths in the sink.  I LOVE giving baby baths in the sink.  It’s just so adorable.  I gave sink baths to my two youngest siblings and so I looked forward to doing the same with my son when I was still pregnant.  Now that time has come and gone…well, maybe not gone completely  >D.  Once he can sit up stable to where I can bathe him sitting up instead of laying down we will probably go back to the sink.  It saves water ya know.  It’s not for me, I’m helping the world!

…ok, it is for me.  It’s just too precious and I’m in no hurry to have him outgrow the sink for reals.

{November 11, 2010}   A Much Needed Update

Ok, let me start by making two things clear:

1. I am NOT a blogger, although I love to write my heart when the mood hits me.

2. Even if I were I have little free time these days to do so

With that said, I am allowing myself permission to NOT feel crappy for not posting more about our precious little Max and I’m smart enough to convince even myself that being a good mom in real life is more valuable and meaningful than taking time to write about mommy-hood.  However, I still desire to do so.

So, without further ado, I would like to present all of you with some wonderful feats our little one has passed.  Our first mentioned milestone surfaced at 4 months.  Enjoy!

Many moms, including my own, told me their kids did not get their first tooth until nearly 8 months of age.  Max got two baby teeth at 4 months old!  He did so well with it!  I heard other moms talking about fevers, and days of uncharacteristic fussiness, and then hours or all-nighters of painful crying.  Max did none of those things.  He drooled and chewed a lot days or longer before hand, but the day his tooth visibly came in he cried quite intensely for about 90 minutes.  Chewing dad’s thumb seemed to be the most soothing for him and then nursing comforted him and he fell asleep for the night.  The next day he was his normal self with a brand new chopper!  I’m daring to hope his next teething experiences go this well.

This is the only good pic I could get so far!


If you look closely at this one, you can see his tiny toothmarks in the carrot.  It makes my heart gush at the cuteness of it  ^_^

Max is also getting VERY good at sitting up on his own, as you can see.

He still can’t be trusted alone, however, as he does have a tendency to either reach too far for something or get overexcited and plop himself sideways or backwards.

Max also has a best friend.  Elijah and Max have been best friends since conception, they just don’t know it yet!  Elijah’s mommy and I have little warm fuzzies about them growing up together unless, of course, God has other plans.

I love these next pics of Max and him’s daddy.  Max is EXTREMELY ticklish these days, particularly when dad comes after him.

He’s also rather interested in faces, especially the nose.  He’s given Tony and I both bloody scratches on our noses!  I swear I’m clipping his tiny nails every few days!

And now, just at 6 months old, Max has been exploring new foods and just had his first real meal!  He LOVES it.  He’s been tasting many foods for about the last month or so but yesterday he’s actually been eating food, specifically sweet potatoes.  He took to it immediately.  He eats from a spoon as if he already knew, and while much of it ends up on his face…and hands…his clothes….the floor….the carpet….us…(I’ll just stop now), he’s eating quite a bit and liking it.

And, we are very much into Baby Einstein DVD’s…

Ah, so there we are, all caught up.  Hehe, and I still have his baby book to put together and I feel just as guilty for not keeping that up!  Oh, well.  I’ll have more time after the holidays I suppose.  He’ll know he was loved even if his mommy doesn’t do well at these things, right?

{September 15, 2010}   Too Cute!

Max loves how his daddy plays!

And, for the first time, it was cool enough to go walking with our Moby carrier the other day.  Fall is coming!!!  And, also for the first time, Max got to see what was ahead of us instead of behind us.  I think he enjoyed his chill sitting position!

AND and I finished my first pair of socks for hims little feets!  All his socks are too small so I made some myself!  Quick, and not too shabby!

{August 20, 2010}   Some Firsts

A lot has happened developmentally for Max in that last week.  He has discovered his hands and feet AND just today and started to actively grab toys from his little play gym!  It’s pretty amazing and funny to watch him  as he’s studying these new revelations and we were lucky enough to get each one on film!  Well, the foot discovery actually happened while we were at Sports Authority and had no camera, but the others are first timers!  😀

Here’s pics of Max’s firsts!

and I LOVE that he still has a mohawk! ^_^

et cetera