Coffeegrounds: I can do all thru prayer and coffee

{June 25, 2013}  

So sweetly concentrated, mixing his colors.  I watch him, peering over my coffee.  That same “learning face” as we call it is deeply focused.  The sweet precision of 3-year-old hands pouring colored gelatin water from bowl to bowl is too cute.  So cute to me, and yet serious work to him.  He’s exploring, discovering.  When left to his own devices, what began as painting became so much more.  And so much more of a mess, but i love it.

He bounces on the chair as he asks me for more water to pour over his masterpiece…and all over my counter.

So. in. love.  So thankful to God for blessing me with this little one and this moment watching him, remembering him like a photograph.



DSC_0467 DSC_0472 DSC_0474


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