Coffeegrounds: I can do all thru prayer and coffee

{May 28, 2013}   A Second First

Sweet Jack rolled over for the first time today.  I walked back into the living room to find him on his belly looking up with bright blue eyes, head bobbing only slightly now as he’s gaining strength.

And I am back to the same moment 3 years ago with Max and marvel with an aching heart how fast my babies are growing up.

I am back to the present as I hear a peculiar noise and there’s my Max, now 3, “fixing” my vacuum with daddy’s screw driver.  Yikes!

Life moves fast.  Love now.  Leave the floor a sticky mess.  It can wait.  Sticky floors and dirty dishes will be there when your kids are grown and gone too.  But your little loves are with you for not long enough.

Thank you, Sweet God, for these precious little ones who have challenged me and taught me so much.  Time to play.Image


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