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{October 31, 2012}   To Max

My Precious One, how I love you.  Surely, God delighted in creating you and made you my perfect match to teach me so much.  Thanks to you and your loving daddy, I am growing in ways much needed and I am so happy for that.


My sweet 2-year-old, time is passing by too fast!  I’ve done all I know and can think of to be sure I do not miss out on you or get too caught up with other responsibilities, or to let you fall down my priorities list.  I can say with confidence that you have always been a top priority and that I am giving all i can to being your mother.  Yet, it has not slowed time any.  I had hoped it might.  I love these little days home with you.  Sometimes, ha, many times they feel chaotic, but they are such good days.


God is so good to give gifts as wonderful as children.


And I am so thankful for your daddy too.  He loves you so much and I can honestly say there could be no better daddy for you.  I am excited for your relationship with him to grow.


A short time ago you were my squish-able little baby.  I used to nurse you in the wee hours of the morning, watching snow fall on our street below.  We watched as you discovered your feet, your hands,and as you learned to walk.  Now, you’re our energetic, talkative toddler who loves puzzles, reading books in our laps, throwing Frisbees (and every other toy you have).  I am looking forward to your next stages of life, but I do not urge their coming.  I am loving every minute of you.




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