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{October 12, 2012}   Moving Time…Again

Lots going on around here since my last post, which is perfect timing since I said I was going to be better at posting somewhat regularly.  We’ve moved!  And, Lord willing, for the last time!  That’s right, we are in a house and we are NOT renting anymore! yay! Now we just have a mortgage over our heads…yay…

We have moved 5 TIMES in the last 3 years, so you’d think we have it down pat.  Not the case.  This was the hardest, messiest, most disorganized and tiring move of them all.  But, it’s thanks to something preciously cute, so it’s a good trade off.


THIS cutie pie is the reason I was not nearly as on it and I usually am when it comes to packing.  I tried to do most of it while he was asleep so that he’d still get plenty of time with me when he was awake.  This would typically still work out well if i wasn’t 5 months pregnant and falling asleep nearly every time I put him down for a nap or bedtime!  I just couldn’t help it!


Here’s Max chillin on top of some boxes i managed to pack.  He also enjoyed jumping off of them…

Hiding in them…


and fitting himself into the smallest boxes he could find.

In the middle of it all we took our first trip to Pigeon Roost!  It was too bad Daddy couldn’t come this time, but we loved it so much we will be back for more!  We spent 3 hours here and STILL did not do everything there.


I LOVE the colorful variety of pumpkins, squash, and gourds they had.  Some I’ve never seen before.

Max had a great time running through the hundreds of pumpkins.  Can you see him?

Then he ended up picking the littlest of them all.

Pigeon Roost also has some free range critters running around, which was perfect since we just learned about God making animals on day 6.  He tried in vain to pet this little bunny before it eventually escaped under a shed.  Fun for me to watch though!  ^_^

A handful of very friendly goats greeted us at the entrance.  This one soon had his whole head and two front legs through the fence trying to reach Max, but I missed that picture.



*shudder* Does anyone remember THESE geese at the local duck feeding pond?  I remember these coming almost chest high and biting at me if I didn’t give them food fast enough.  I often took refuge in the back of the pickup if it was close enough.  I’m bigger now though.  Now i can kick them ^_^  (this one was much better behaved, however)

Here’s Max again, chasing a chicken this time.  He also followed some turkeys (a little big and scary for him to chase) and a small flock of white ducks.  I would have gotten some pictures of the alpacas, but they had their rears toward us.

There was SO much to do at Pigeon Roost.  Huge tunnel slide, corn boxes (vs sandboxes), a gigantic fort, human-sized hamster wheels to roll around, and just too much to mention.  Like I said, 3 hours was not enough to do everything.

And after all this fun, the packing commenced again.  We are moved in now and hopefully will post more pics soon!


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