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{September 20, 2012}   Beloved Two Years

I am not good at this whole blogging thing, but I have decided to get started early on some goals for the next year, one of which being holding memories of my family safe on this blog. There are just too many sweet pictures and precious moments that I do not want to forget. My baby is two years old now and another is on the way.

My little Max. You are over two now, and all I know is that I wish I could hold a perfect recollection of every moment with you. You will be grown up too soon, I know. You are precious to me Little One and so much fun for your Daddy and I. I have never been so exhausted at the end of each day, but it is so good.

In 8 months you will be an older brother, and that fact has caused me to be still often lately and just remember our last 2 years together, just the 3 of us. How I love God for the gift He’s given us in you. It always makes me remember how completely He changed our lives before He gave us you. He is so good, and so very trustworthy.

I know you will be a loving and attentive older brother. You love to play with, touch, and talk to every baby you see and you get the sweetest, almost embarrassed smile on your face when you meet one.

Our family is growing and so are you! Oh, how I don’t want to miss a minute or forget any wonderful moment! It makes me sad that our memories grow dim. But, thank goodness for photography!

Happy two years Little Max!


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