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{June 8, 2011}   Warrior Dash

3 Miles of Mud.


climbing walls.

More mud.

barbed wire.

Neck high mud water.


Junk yard.

And mud.

Most of which was uphill.



We did pretty dang good too.  After falls in the mud and waiting for each other on certain obstacles we actually crossed the finish line at 34 minutes.  That’s just about normal for a casual road 5k for me, averaging about a 10 minute mile. We will definitely do it again hardcore and see how good we do!

We learned three things:

1. Wear shoes with LOTS of traction

2. Wear knee pads! (It’s probably more ascetically awesome to disguise these as part of a uber cool warrior costume)

3. Sign up early and run the first wave on the first day.  We ran the last wave on the last day and that mud and mud water was stanky-fresh!  And by fresh, I mean stanky…seriously…like poo.

I am now on the road to train for my first half-marathon coming up in October.  By next year, I should be ready to tackle the Tough Mudder, which is like the Warrior Dash with a death wish.  I bet Tony will do it too.  Muahahaha!


Tony says:

you are now on the road…WHILST TYPING?!?!?

It’s a technological world, Babe!

…but to answer your question…um….no.

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