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{April 24, 2011}   Harvest Moon Coffee House: My New Love

I drove through driving rains for sustenance.  I wanted something delicious but healthful, an atmosphere of calm and cool, and to peruse some of my favorite things, not to mention the best coffee in the world.  I arrived safely, but without my wallet.  I drove back home through driving rains for the means to sustenance and returned.  It was worth it.

I give you Harvest Moon Coffee House.

This place is like a second home for a health conscious coffee-loving bistro bum like myself and for 3 good reasons:

1. The Cafe

The food is fantastic, original, and unlike anything you’ll get anywhere else.  For example, the brunch menu features pancakes with lavender-infused maple syrup and a side of sage turkey sausage.  Maybe not a healthy choice on my part that day, but absolutely delicious.  Their sandwiches are great too.  The turkey tango with their bagel chips and hummus is fab and recently I tried their veggie wrap with hummus.  Sounds weird, right?  Sure does, but it nearly makes eating vegetarian attractive.

Something you don’t see everyday is their menu of fresh veggie juices, juiced to order!  Really, they make fruit juices and smoothies too, but the veggie juice was especially exciting to me because my own juicer is broken and pure veggie juice does not exist in stores.

Lastly, but my favorite, is their coffee.  Now, I am a Starbucks fan.  Lots of good memories at Starbucks, too, but Harvest Moon has that chain beat by a long shot.  Coffee does something for me.  It brings me home. It’s the first must have and must do on a rainy day.  I love making my own cappuccinos for friends.  Harvest Moon is a place where I can enjoy some of the best there is, and they have a long list of choices which are unique, flavorful, and unlike what you get at the mainstream joints.

2. The Herb and Garden Shop

Since all their food is made fresh, it can take a minute, which is just fine for me.  They have a very pleasing array of unconventional health foods, loose-leaf herbal teas, supplements, and organic products.  The staff there is very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.  When I had gone in with a long list, the tall guy on staff (who am I kidding, they are all tall!) patiently helped me locate everything I was looking for and even gave me a quick lesson on sprouting beans!  One of my favorite things on the planet that I haven’t had since working on an organic farm in Texas is pure, raw honey comb.  I recently discovered they have it and I am SO getting that stuff my next visit.

3. Mom and Pop

This is a single, locally-owned business which makes me even happier to support it with my monies!  The art work you find displayed along the brick wall is even done, I’m told, by one of the owners sons.

I dig this place, ya’ll.  I dig it.


Salomé says:

Uhm, hello? Invite me!

Dude, whenever you are next able to visit, it is SO on!

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