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{April 4, 2011}   Knit Fast, Die Warm

So, it has been a long while since my last knitsplosion post, but I assure you, I have been very, very busy.

Back in June my sister challenged both my mother and I to make all of our gifts this year.  Thank goodness she got the idea back in June because I didn’t finish everything until exactly 1 week before we flew to Idaho for Christmas.

I had a blast doing this and I think I’ll do it next year too, although probably not for every single person on my list.  Obviously, I knit a lot of stuff, but I ventured out into a new realm also.  A.K.A decoupage.

I am a beginner in all of this, but I am pleased with all of them…well, pleased until I pondered actually giving these gifts to the recipients and then I freak out on the inside a little.  What if they too beginnery looking?

le sigh…

One great thing about this challenge, besides learning new things and improving my beastly knitting skillz is this:  It is so much more thoughtful and special!  Well, to me anyway, and probably to those recieving a homemade gift.  With everything I made THAT person was in my thoughts the whole time, which also led to much prayer for each person.  I love this because so often I feel I have to go out and find something, anything for people.  Rarely has there been a time where I think of or find something to buy someone that I just KNOW they’ll love.  Unless that happens, I feel fairly thoughtless in my gift giving because often times I just have no clue what I’m doing.

So, in conclusion, great idea Sis!  And enjoy my Christmas Creation Extravaganza below!

This is a loopy cowl…or neck warmer…or circular scarf-thingy.  You can wear a myriad of different little ways, but I don’t think it is for a faint of heart.  It takes someone who is comfortable outside the box, and I could think of one person that would fit the bill!  My trendy lil sis-in-law.

This is not my sis-in-law, this is me…


Next are a pair of man socks.  Knit with bulky yarn, they are a bit out of the ordinary but I love the color and it’s a very warm yarn.  If knit up stockinette stitch all the way around they look rather nice too, but I chose a rib pattern.  The rib makes the feet appear larger and so reminds me of these monster feet slippers my grandfather use to have, and since these are intended for cozy warmness around the house, I figured it fit.

This next little pair of socks is quite the opposite.  They’re little!  Well, size 7ish, but they sure look small.  These are knit with a self-striping yarn in stockinette stitch all the way around.  I love self-striping yarn because you don’t really know what you’ll get until it’s done.  And socks are tons of fun because the scenery changes a lot.

Sadly, I don’t have pics of everything else I made for my family.  I thought I’d wait until I saw them for Christmas to take pictures, but then I forgot.  But they just got better and better.  I made a couple different but super cute purses, a winter hat with fair isle skulls all around, and that decoupage sketch book for my artistic baby sis didn’t turn out too bad either.  I am uber sad that I have no evidence as to the awesomeness of any of these things.  Oh well.

But now, after a break, I am on to my biggest challenge yet.  It is what people stereotypically think of when they imagine anyone knitting.  It generally takes months and getting your gauge right has heavy implications here.  I am finally tacking my first sweater.  Pictures and details to come.


Tony says:

Well you can always ask them to send you pics of them with their presents =)

I thought of that, but we are awful about sending family pics as it is so I have little hope of getting pics of these 😛

trendy sis-in-law says:

thank you for the most thoughtful gift ever 🙂 you know how much of a scarf lover I am and it’s definitely one of my favorites ❤ and made so well! you knitting queen, you!

well, gewd. It was fun to make ^_^

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