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{February 16, 2011}   In The Works

I am taking a knitting break and moving into the realm of interior decorating.  All you who know me know how bare and purely functional my home is.  Six years of moving with the military caused me to develop an attitude toward home decorating of “Why bother? We’re just going to move anyway!”.  So now, after 7 years of marriage and no longer tied to the military, our house is still just a house, a temporary living space.  Not the most homey or welcoming place as far as aesthetics.

I am excited to announce that I am finally going to do something real about that.  I’ve saved up a decent amount of cash and I’ve spent the last couple months tearing out pages of home mags of ideas, rooms, and color schemes I really like.  Now, I am NOT talented in the area of home decorating AT ALL. But, flipping and collecting magazine pages has helped me immeasurably.

What I’m really looking forward to is not just going out and buying the necessities, but also making or recreating most of this stuff.  I’m excited to see if I have any hidden re-purposing skills or thrifty talent.

I’ve changed paint color ideas, I’ve bought two rugs and taken them both back, and I’m still on the search for the perfect curtain fabric.  I have an antique hope chest I’m going to refinish for a coffee table and I’m looking forward to scoring some awesomeness at garage sales and flea markets this summer…if I can hold out that long.

This is all for the living room, plus, I’m also gearing up to plant a beautiful veggie garden on the patio.  Again, I’m going to be taking what I have and fixing it up.  I have some cute little patio furniture that needs some TLC and color, Tony is going to build some garden boxes for me, and I have a half-barrel I got on sale last fall.  Happily, I know a woman at church whose husband owns the states (perhaps America’s?) oldest seed company.  It’s been in business since 1825 I believe she said.  She’s going to help me out with when and what to plant, soil stuff, and all that jazz.

So, I am uber excited about all that.  Plans for both the living room and patio garden are running through my head, some schematics are even drawn, and several lists are made.  I did mention in another blog that I’m a planner, didn’t I?

Not only is this tons of fun for me, but it’s also part of this whole living-on-purpose thing.  This “home-ifying” will bless my family by creating a happy and relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant place to just be.  I hope to use it to bless friends, family and strangers too.  A garden will also provide tons of opportunities for my son to grow and learn about not just planting and caring for plants, but about God and the world.  Good stuff, ya’ll, good stuff.

So, lots of fun coming soon!  I will be posting before and after pics


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