Coffeegrounds: I can do all thru prayer and coffee

{February 16, 2011}   Blessed Morning

I made a pot of coffee this morning after Tony left for work at 630.  He’s amazing.  Most hard working man I know.  Normally, Max has already been up for an hour, but he was still sleeping at this time.  So, in hopes that I might get some early time with the Lord in peace, I made a pot.

Just as I shut the lid I heard the sweet morning babbles of my baby son.  I’ll have to wait for his morning nap.

I was blessed in several ways this morning as I went upstairs and snuggled back in bed with Max.  The soft blue light of the early morning was only just beginning to spread across the room and I could just make out the sweet blink of Max’s big eyes and the movement of his mouth as he babbled on and on in his cute little voice.  He’s crawling now and exploring the bed, especially the headboard, is a new adventure.  Pantless and diaper clad, my boy wriggled his way to the head board, pushed himself back on his bum to sit, then flopped himself across me, talking all the while all about “da da” and making a myriad of other sounds he knows.  My two favorites are “goggle goggle goggle” and “Phss! Phss!”.

As if this wasn’t already a memorable moment in the making, the aroma of fresh coffee crept into our bedroom.  I NEVER make coffee in the morning.  I much prefer it in the evening, so I haven’t smelled coffee in the morning since I lived at home.  A rush of happy memories flooded back to me, all with the same beginning.  Nothing was more exciting to me as a kid than to wake up smelling coffee and hearing adult conversation in the dining room, especially if the voices included that of my grandparents.  I love the sound of a full and happy home, lively with pleasant conversation of people I love and it was always so exciting when my grandparents were there by surprise.

The playfulness of my son in our cozy bed and these memories filled me with joyful peace that I truly want to create in my own home.  Great memories are so simple to create.  They don’t take much.  I hope to create good ones in my home my son and husband will remember and cherish.

I am so very blessed.


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