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{December 16, 2010}   He Spoke Plainly

I love my God.  You know, sometimes it seems He’s far or silent (I think perhaps we are just far and deaf), but during those times that I’m praying I KNOW He’s still hearing me, and I tell Him so.

Today was like that, and has been for a while I’ll admit.  Oh…today I was going through some negative and familiar territory in my thoughts, memories, pains.  I hate that.  They just come up, unwelcome.  I’ve prayed about these things before and my Father has always come to my rescue and settled my soul, but today I was hit again by the past anew.

This time I spoke all that was bothering me, growing angry, hopeless, frusterated, saying things I probably shouldn’t say to God like “what the hell” and such.  At the end of it I was tired and still sad.

“I wish you would just speak plainly”, I said.

I finished what I had been doing all along: putting Max down, showering, cleaning the kitchen, and sat down with a bowl of cereal to chill since I no longer felt like accomplishing the other tasks I had.  I always check my email first, so that’s what I did.  I had a couple forwards from my Grandpa.  I NEVER look at forwards.  I find them annoying and usually rather dumb and a waste of space.  But I love my Grandpa, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, and I’ll be seeing him very soon.  We’ve recently become better at calling each other and staying in touch, so in the spirit of loving my Huggablest, I opened them.

The first one was a long animated Christmas card.

The second is where God spoke plainly.  I was covered in His love as He spoke through this silly email, made calm, greatly encouraged, and full of the knowledge that God is really there and He is for me.  I love Him.  What a silly way to communicate such needed things to this often lost and hopeless girl.


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