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{November 11, 2010}   A Much Needed Update

Ok, let me start by making two things clear:

1. I am NOT a blogger, although I love to write my heart when the mood hits me.

2. Even if I were I have little free time these days to do so

With that said, I am allowing myself permission to NOT feel crappy for not posting more about our precious little Max and I’m smart enough to convince even myself that being a good mom in real life is more valuable and meaningful than taking time to write about mommy-hood.  However, I still desire to do so.

So, without further ado, I would like to present all of you with some wonderful feats our little one has passed.  Our first mentioned milestone surfaced at 4 months.  Enjoy!

Many moms, including my own, told me their kids did not get their first tooth until nearly 8 months of age.  Max got two baby teeth at 4 months old!  He did so well with it!  I heard other moms talking about fevers, and days of uncharacteristic fussiness, and then hours or all-nighters of painful crying.  Max did none of those things.  He drooled and chewed a lot days or longer before hand, but the day his tooth visibly came in he cried quite intensely for about 90 minutes.  Chewing dad’s thumb seemed to be the most soothing for him and then nursing comforted him and he fell asleep for the night.  The next day he was his normal self with a brand new chopper!  I’m daring to hope his next teething experiences go this well.

This is the only good pic I could get so far!


If you look closely at this one, you can see his tiny toothmarks in the carrot.  It makes my heart gush at the cuteness of it  ^_^

Max is also getting VERY good at sitting up on his own, as you can see.

He still can’t be trusted alone, however, as he does have a tendency to either reach too far for something or get overexcited and plop himself sideways or backwards.

Max also has a best friend.  Elijah and Max have been best friends since conception, they just don’t know it yet!  Elijah’s mommy and I have little warm fuzzies about them growing up together unless, of course, God has other plans.

I love these next pics of Max and him’s daddy.  Max is EXTREMELY ticklish these days, particularly when dad comes after him.

He’s also rather interested in faces, especially the nose.  He’s given Tony and I both bloody scratches on our noses!  I swear I’m clipping his tiny nails every few days!

And now, just at 6 months old, Max has been exploring new foods and just had his first real meal!  He LOVES it.  He’s been tasting many foods for about the last month or so but yesterday he’s actually been eating food, specifically sweet potatoes.  He took to it immediately.  He eats from a spoon as if he already knew, and while much of it ends up on his face…and hands…his clothes….the floor….the carpet….us…(I’ll just stop now), he’s eating quite a bit and liking it.

And, we are very much into Baby Einstein DVD’s…

Ah, so there we are, all caught up.  Hehe, and I still have his baby book to put together and I feel just as guilty for not keeping that up!  Oh, well.  I’ll have more time after the holidays I suppose.  He’ll know he was loved even if his mommy doesn’t do well at these things, right?


Lisa says:

Ok, so I just loved this so much!! You should print it out and just paste it in his baby book!!

aww that’s a great idea!

Benjamin says:

So what are you saying? I post as much as I do because I don’t have a life? =)

These things really should be reserved for when you have something to talk about and the inspiration to share so don’t let anybody try forcing you to post more. I’ve been satisfied with the amount and frequency that you share. Thank you ~

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