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{October 13, 2010}   Spontaneity is a LOT of work…

But, it was still worth it!

MONTHS ago I came up with the bright idea of painting my tiny kitchen.  I also had the bright idea to do it all in ONE day and painting it all RED.

This turned out to be EXTREMELY unrealistic for several reasons:

1.  Those of you who have ever painted a wall red surely know, as I do now, that you MUST use a blue-tinted primer first otherwise you will paint that same wall AT LEAST 5 times before it will actually be red rather than pink.  Ugh.

2. I had bad tools.  The rollers were fine, but my tape kept stripping paint off which meant A LOT of annoying touch ups.  I also did not have proper brushes for painting edges.  I had tiny artists brushes instead, so that took a lot of time.  However, I did manage to do it all without spending a penny by using only what I already had, including paint.

3. DUH!  I have a brand new baby boy!

4. Measuring the checkerboard took longer than expected, plus I screwed it up at first.

So, instead of coming home to a surprise painted kitchen masterpiece, Tony came home to a mess and a badly checkered wall.

However, after weeks of hand-painting checkerboard (cuz I was too stupid to paint the whole wall red first and THEN putting the brown squares on top…I could kick myself), climbing up and down counters and refridgerators, and fighting the desire to just pretend I hadn’t begun painting in the first place and leave it undone, it is finally finished!

You have no idea how glad I am about this.  The good thing is I learned a lot and I’m really glad I learned so much on a SMALL kitchen!  But, as far as mistakes go, the icing on the cake is this.  For the fist time ever I remembered to take before pictures…but then I did something funky to my SD card and lost them all.  Isn’t that wonderful?  So, when you check out the pics, just imagine how before all walls were white with nothing hanging on them, ok?  And then oooh and ahhh out loud in real life.  Thanks! lol




nicci says:

I will hire you to paint my house! Looks great!

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