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{August 18, 2010}   Getting Knitty with It!

Ok, so since my insane late night of crafty ingeniousness I have been a busy busy girl.  Hobby-wise, knitting is my new love.

My mom taught me a couple years ago, but in the busyness of school and such I made 2 scarves and half a sock in as many years.  A couple months ago, I saw some finished knitting projects of my mom’s and a friend’s and decided to give it another real try…besides, developing a “known” skill is on my goal list this year.  So, I tackled and conquered an old, old project, bought a new knitting book, and went to town.  I am hooked and there is no stopping me!

From July until last night I have completed the following:

1. My first hat: A Kitty Kat Hat  *mew!

2. Kerchief (or as I like to call it, Tony’s Loin Cloth!  NOTE: It was untested for this photo!)

3 and 4.  A garter stitch hat/scarf and a Dino hat for my sweet little Max ^_^

5. An accidently-too-fat rib stitch scarf

6. A snowboard hat for my dear honeyface that I am going add dreadlocks to

7. A “Geeky” wrist band just for pattern practice

and my latest and greatest

8. A sparkly pointed-top hat

I’m getting better as I go and soonish I’ll be tackling my first sweater!  And just so all of you know, every single one of these projects was easy and never before attempted by me!  So, that’s proof that you can do it too!


Jessica says:

Love love love it all especially the garter stitch ones! I can’t wait to learn more and more! You are awesome

aw thx guys ^_^. Remember Jess, after this hat you know as much as I do. I hope you can get the book friday. It’s so awesome. I think I’m tackling a baby blankie next for a friend in tx

nomhee says:

you should sell those kitty hats. I know a lot of people who would buy that stuff!

Keri says:

LOVE the dino hat pic! BEAUTIFUL! SOOO, I have a black snowboarding coat and new hair that ROCKS hats! Will you make me a hat with ear covers and the dangles???? With a ball on top that would match? Maybe put streaming ribbon vertically thru the stiches! I will be rocken! Or no ribbin… It may look funny? I want a KElly original! and mathcing mittens, and a ninja bible bag… If i think of more… OH! A scarf too! LOL! Forget it! I love your stuff! Maybe a cool froggey beany, or something cool and weird…LIke you/! I send money for materials!

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