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{August 11, 2010}   Needles, Drills, and Sweet Pain Pills

I got some wonderful news last week, and by wonderful I mean the kind of news that leaves you feeling shocked by how bad it is and helpless at the fact that the bad news is, in fact, true.

That’s right…I visited the dentist last week.  My X-rays showed that a root canal done almost 10 years ago never healed and therefore there is a deep chasm of rotten flesh and disintegrated bone in my jaw and, if left unchecked, will lead to more bone loss in my jaw and the infection will spread through-out my mouth until my entire face is consumed and my appearance becomes that of Freddy Crougars sister…

My dentist is such a good dentist that she said all of this with such a cheerful spunk that I nearly missed that fact that this is all very bad and very serious news.

Therefore, doomsday had to come and this morning I had my face drilled.  It began with a wonderful acid trip to la la land as I passed out in the dentist chair after having anesthetic administered four times with very long and very sharp needles.   I can’t do needles.  After I was brought back to reality I spent an hour with my mouth open wide as a hippo as my endodontist spent the next 90 minutes drilling and scraping 10 years of regrets-from-not-regularly-seeing-my-dentist out of my old root canal.

I’m fine now.  I have some follow-up to do but my endodontist is confident that my tooth will do fine and, being young, my bone should return as well.  The numbness has worn off and so far I’m feeling no pain, although I’ve been warned that I may feel pretty bad later on.  He went so far as to say, “If you experience some incredibly horrific pain that makes you want to chew your leg off or jump out the window of 20 story building don’t panic.  Nothing is wrong, that’s totally normal”.  Well, he didn’t say all that but he did say that he’s basically stirred up the pot, my body will react, and not to worry about something being wrong if the pain is spectacular.  I’m looking forward to it   -_-

But, my sweet honey bought some old-lady-with-no-teeth food for me today, not least of which was Scooby Doo shaped mac n cheese just to make me happy ^_^  (For those who know me well, I want to hear NO comments about what a hypocrite eating boxed mac n cheese makes me).

The best part is Chicks with Sticks is tonight and this whole day totally justifies having a deliriously delicious hazelnut mocha frappuccino from Starbucks for dinner!


Felicia says:

Ok, I won’t mention the whole boxed mac n cheese thing. (Come to the dark side more often though-much tastier. 😀 ) I’m glad that it all went well for you. Starbucks dinner FTW!!!

Felicia says:

My mom also said to be leery of straws.

Salomé says:

WHOA! Reading that made me feel like I was in the dentist’s chair, blah!
I haven’t been to the dentist in maybe 2 years (unfortunately)…As far as I can remember I’ve never had a cavity. I’m glad they didn’t have to remove your jaw and make you part cyborg with an artificial titanium jaw =] And by golly I have a new frappauccino to try!

Keri says:

LOL! OMG! wow. Glad I wasn’t kissin you for the past 10 years! OH, and ummm….AWWW! I am sorry, that really sucks. LOL! weird!

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