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{July 21, 2010}   Born in The Wrong Era

I’m vacuunimg…in a dress…with our baby on my hip.  Why vacuuming?  Ugh, because this place needs it.  Why a dress.  Because sometimes a girl starts to feel frumpy and bored in jeans.  Why holding Max?  Because there is no dependable nap time in sight and I’m afraid the noise will scare him if he’s not held.

This may be a picture of an out-dated era, but I love it!  I’m bringing sexy housewife back!


felicia says:

OH! you should be in heels too!!! I vaccumed in heels not too long ago…

Elizabeth says:

Oh my dear. Out-dated or not, you do whatever you please! Who says housewives can’t be sexy?

Salomé says:

Hmm…black polka dot dress?

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