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{July 8, 2010}   Robbed

So, my sweet husband calls me this morning to tell me that our vehicle’s insides have been robbed.  The door was wide open, the glove box gutted with all the Honda books taken, and our GPS system missing.

Why would someone take our Honda books?  And why do people steal stupid crap and leave the good stuff?  Our GPS is outdated and only worth maybe 50 bucks on Ebay, but both MP3 players were left, probably because they couldn’t see them.  They must have been in a big hurry since they left the door wide open.

I hate to admit it, but this is my fault.  I had gone out to the car last night to grab what we bought from the store and obviously forgot to lock the door.  Why?  I have no idea.  Locking the door is a habit, especially since the button is right there on the keys!

Even though practically nothing was taken and the thief must be rather young or pathetic or both, it’s leaves me feeling helpless and a bit violated.  Roxanne and Anna, I understand better how you two must have felt when you’re cars were broken into.  I’m just glad my experience didn’t involve broken glass and a busted stereo system.

God sees all right?  I wonder if the thief knows he’s on GodCam. Pray for them.  If someone really feels they need to go around stealing junk, their life must be full of it.


Roxanne says:

GodCam! Hah! Yep, I’ll never forget that violated feeling. It probably isn’t the last of my experiencing it either. I’m really glad to hear that they didn’t get the MP3 players =D I would feel like I’ve won over them!

Benjamin says:

It may not be worth replacing the Honda books (you can just download the manual if you want it), but in my own life I recognized such light consequences to a mistake as Jesus’ shepherding. You’ve gained a strong life experience, been taught the potentially much worse consequences of neglecting such things and have a reason to buy a sweet new GPS.

Also, I’d like to mention that you’re lucky people were suggesting Max was an alien or a ninja. People say that my pregnant soldier’s baby is the spawn of the scorpion king and her belly has been refered to as the scorpion nation. I’d feel bad for her but she doesn’t seem to mind.. *shrug*

Anna says:

Sad day… I’m sorry Kelly! I DO know how that feels… and the whole violating feeling that comes after. I recently got my tire slashed o_O yeah I know. But it’ll be a distant memory. And who knows… maybe this is the first time this person has ever been prayed for? lol random I know. At least you have your car 🙂

your tire got slashed?! geez! Where, in Killeen?

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