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{July 6, 2010}   Max’s First Adventure Weekend

Max took in a lot of the outdoors this past weekend.  Saturday we hiked through Old Man’s Cave with a couple friends, Orry and David.  Max checked it out for maybe the first five minutes, but then slept the rest of the time in his carrier.

Our pup, on the other hand, was much more adventurous…or is the word “stupid”? I think our cliff jumping days have taught Jessie that heights are nothing to fear.  She’d trot dangerously close to the edges of the cliff with this very oblivious grin on her face.  I swear that dog isn’t going to live very long.

Sunday we headed down to Waynesville to canoe with Tony’s family.  He and I got a raft reasoning that it would probably be safer with Max.  The water is very slow and shallow, but canoes can be tipsy.

While everyone else headed down river in their canoes and kayaks, Tony and I floated along Italian style.  I held Max up front under an umbrella while Tony rowed.  I felt as if I were in a gondola.  All I needed was an old-fashioned dress, a guy playing a violin, and Tony reciting poetry, haha!  Too bad nobody had a camera that day!

Once again, Max slept a lot, although not as much as he had at the caves.  He found the scenery to be quite interesting and he really enjoyed all the attention from his grandma Lisa, aunt Ariel, and uncles John and Jake.

He’s going to be my little outdoor adventurer yet!  Perhaps we’ll take him cliff jumping next weekend?  jk ya’ll.


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