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{July 1, 2010}   KNIT NINJA!!

Ok, so staying up until 4 a.m. with my creative juices flowing paid off!  I have two nice bags to show for it.  This one was my original plan for my knitting bag…

…However, after making my Frankenstein bag, I decided I really liked the pattern from that old skirt and I loved how it looked with my ninja patch I made.  Behold!  My knitting bag of DOOM!!

Love the ninja!

I had taken the Frankenstein bag apart and re-sewed it.  It’s much better, but not perfect.

And as for the other bag, it is perfect for the farmer’s markets just starting up!

Now, onto adventures in knitting!


Felicia says:

I am going to steal that Ninja when I come visit. 😛

sonofdays says:

These make me want to have Anne sew us some of our own “recycled” shopping bags. We’ve amassed about four or five of them but I wouldn’t mind more and having custom bags would be awesome.

Anne has been wanting to learn how to sew – she even has a book or two on it – so it’d be a good project for her =)

Caitlin says:

Cuuute bags 🙂 I love the ninja one.

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