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{June 21, 2010}   I can wait…

The house is quiet this lazy Sunday.  Sickness has kept us home and both my favorite guys are asleep.

I crept upstairs to check on Max and as I looked at him sleeping there I realized just how much he’s grown.  I already feel as if I’m losing time.  I have heard over and over growing up that kids grow up so fast.  I have seen regretful parents longing for their children to be young again so they could do things differently, that is, spend more time with them and less with work or hobbies.  I do not want to be one of those regretful parents.  All too often I hear “I can’t wait” from parents of young children: “I can’t wait until they can feed themselves” or “I can’t wait until I don’t have to change anymore diapers”.

I can understand already why some may say that, but I also know that Max will never be a baby again.  He is a baby now and it is the only time I will have with him as such.  The case will be the same when he turns 2 and 12 and 16 and then he’ll be all grown up and gone.

There are moments where I am very tired or very frustrated, but there are also moments of pure joy when I see his intoxicating little smile, when I can see him learning, when he’s sleeping, especially at night when he’s sleeping snuggly with us.

I’m in no hurry.  I will never say “I can’t wait” because, honestly, I really can.


felicia says:

AW! I followed the link from your facebook page. 😀 That is really sweet to say. I haven’t even met Max yet and it already seems like time is flying by. I can’t imagine how it feels to you. Cherish every moment that God gives you and don’t worry about missing anything-if you do, you’re bound to miss something because you’re too busy worrying. I love you my friend.

My quest to find one person in this world who says I don’t worry to much continues! lol…alas it is true. I should probably memorize Matthew 6, eh?

Roxanne says:

I love how wise you are, Kelly. You’re inspiring and your words are so very true. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere, then they miss life’s most precious moments and memories. Love the blog!

fjoyc says:

If I told you you didn’t worry too much, I’d be lying-not that I’m not guilty of the same thing, but still…

Felicia says:

BTW, I adore how your blog page looks like you. 😀

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